TREXIMA spol. s r. o. was founded in 1991 and since its beginning it has been specializing, as a leading Czech provider of tools and services, in human resources management, employee development and remuneration and motivation systems. We carry out statistical surveys of average earnings and participate as an important partner in public projects focused on development of human resources, vocational qualifications, career counselling and labour market analysis. The projects in which we participate as a partner are an important resource of quality data essential for the managerial decision making process as well as of new tools for people development. Our experienced IT team is ready to design IT tailored solutions for you, including internet, mobile or desktop applications.

We help our private clients to organise their work, to adjust their personnel processes and to set fair and motivating remuneration system appropriately.

We aim to provide our customers with a complex overview of human capital in the labour market:

  •   International: new experience and ideas, acquired through our participation in international projects
  •   National: deep understanding of the national labour market situation, acquired through our partnership and cooperation with the key players and experts from the national labour market
  •   Regional: essential data and relationships at local level
  •   Company: innovative approach to working effectively with human capital

Key national projects

  •   National System of Occupations is a database that contains a national catalogue of occupations which describes the requirements for occupations existing in the Czech labour market. The database is created by employers associated in Sector Skill Councils, whose work was coordinated by a consortium of TREXIMA, the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and the Czech Chamber of Commerce.
  •   National Register of Qualifications is a register of vocational qualifications which are nationally recognized in the Czech labour market. Applicants can obtain a certificate which proves their vocational competences acquired from non-formal and informal learning. Vocational qualifications are created by employers associated in Sector Skill Councils.
  •   Average Earnings Information System (ISPV) provides accurate and comparable data on earnings and hourly pay of employees in the Czech Republic, including the Regional Earnings Statistics (RSCP). Our company collects and evaluates data from employers and publishes in a publicly recognised information system.
  •   Project UNIV 3 connects retraining with a “recognition process” of knowledge and skills of applicants for retraining. Within this project, 350 retraining programmes were prepared. TREXIMA with the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic coordinated the involvement of employers´ representatives in the process of review and comment on programmes of further learning and pilot recognition of exams in vocational qualifications.
  •   Working Conditions Information System (IPP) is a regular annual survey of wage and working conditions negotiated in collective agreements for the relevant year. The aim of the survey is to provide an overview of collective bargaining trends in the Czech Republic for state and other institutions. TREXIMA is responsible for the survey as well as the information system administration.
  •   Information System of Graduates Employability in the Labour Market (ISA+) contains tools for choosing a high school. It offers assistance when searching for an educational and professional career. „Profi test” or videos of technical professions are made available on the web. It also includes a section for special-needs pupils and for pupils with learning difficulties. TREXIMA is the author of the technical solution as well as the web administrator.
  •   Project Pospolu is focused on cooperation between vocational high schools and employers. The main goal of the project is to suggest systemic and legislative modifications which will simplify and intensify cooperation between schools and companies. Our company made an analysis of dual systems of vocational education in selected countries and carried out surveys with schools and employers.
  •   The aim of the project Standardization of activities of Labour offices was to propose the optimization and standardization of processes, organisation and division of labour at Labour offices of the Czech Republic. TREXIMA was one of the project implementers.

International projects

Completed projects

Transferable skills across economic sectors – Role and importance for employment at European level (PROGRESS Community Programme): TREXIMA Ltd. cooperated on analysing the role of such skills in career pathways and the labour market, and levels of skill transferability across sectors in the current context and for the years leading up to 2020. The publication (outcome of the project) also looks at the roles of actors involved in promoting transferability and methods for enhancing job mobility, before making final recommendations.

DAT – Advanced Training Database (Leonardo da Vinci): Project partners from Greece, Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany developed an international Advanced Training Database – containing vocational advanced training not leading to vocational final examinations. The aim of the project was also to address the needs of social groups who are disadvantaged on the jobs market.

The way to entrepreneurship (EQUAL): The main objective of this project was to facilitate access to information on the requirements of starting one's own enterprise and securing the concession in the chosen area, paying special attention to the disadvantaged groups of people on the labour market. TREXIMA Ltd. created the methodology and developed the user-operated advisory system for business skills identification and development and for processes of starting up and developing enterprises.

Ongoing projects

CrossVet Compair (Erasmus+): This project is being realized with partners from Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic. The main aim of the project is to analyse and gain a better overview of initial and further education in occupations where there is the most frequent cross-border job mobility within these partner countries. The interviews with the target countries´ employers are an additional method of obtaining feedback and recommendations for amendments to appropriate training in the home countries.

Our key partners

Public sector

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