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We are a Czech consultancy company with decades of experience

Our company processes extensive payroll statistics, offers professional payroll and HR consulting, and develops modern software to support HR work. We understand the labour market and education, prepare various analyses and surveys, and participate in projects on regional, national and international levels. Most of our clients are business entities, state and local government bodies, social dialogue partners and educational institutions.

Our services

  1. Companies

    Companies that are addressing the question of how to motivate and reward employees can rely on our assistance. We teach managers the right way to lead subordinates and to work with their potential. Our Company helps HR professionals to define the competencies that are needed for individual positions. We offer companies an employee appraisal system and help them to create a simple and fair payroll system. Our solutions can be fully customised to our clients’ needs.

  2. Social partners

    We provide insight into data in context; we can obtain data, analyse it and suggest measures for improvement. Our clients consist in various entities involved in a social dialogue. Analyses primarily concern the world of work, including issues relating to insurance waiting periods, benefits, the level of earnings and working conditions in the Czech Republic as a whole and in individual regions, or the employment of hard-to-employ people.

  3. State administration and local government

    We make use of many years of experience with statistical surveys and work with data in such surveys, as well as experience in the creation of surveys and analyses for state, regional and district institutions. In addition to preparing professional documents, we also offer compilation of questionnaires, and data collection and evaluation.

  4. Educational institutions

    Searching for an intersection of the world of work and the world of education is our passion. That’s why we offer our many years of experience of working with data to our clients from educational institutions. In addition to creating various customised analyses and surveys, we also have rich experience of project management and administration.

Our vision

Our aim is to be a leading provider of commercial services in the field of statistical surveys and research with our own interview network, and the fields of labour market analyses, motivation systems and vocational training.

Mission statement

We create quality data and analyses for decision-making, we help with the introduction of the most modern methods for employee motivation and development, and we offer innovative management tools for companies and organisations. To help improve the business environment, we support the development of the vocational education system and effective social dialogue.

Why work together with us?

  1. Decades of experience

    TREXIMA was established in 1991. Our clients benefit from the very best of decades’ worth of experience. We don’t look for trends, we work with clients to create them.

  2. Hundreds of satisfied clients

    We will always give you more than you order. Our procedures and tools help clients from diverse fields. We know how to apply scientific knowledge to our clients’ specific conditions.

  3. We work with huge amounts of data – really huge

    We can not only statistically evaluate sets of data containing millions of records, but above all, we can acquire and verify them. And we can also keep them secure. The world is full of ideas, but we prefer to work with real data.

  4. Surprisingly extensive know-how

    When we look at the issues of the labour market, motivating people and developing their competencies, we take them in a broad context. We strive to capture the very best at the corporate, regional, national and global levels, and pass on our findings to our clients.

  5. A great combination of competencies

    Our own IT team uses current internet and mobile technologies. We can make methodologies and data even more useful to our clients.

  6. A professional and human approach

    We keep strictly to our promises and behave with respect and esteem for others. We treat our partners and clients the same way that we treat each other in our team. And working together with us is also fun.

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